Rockingham Elementary

Staff Directory

Communication between home and school is extremely important. Calls and emails sent to staff members will be returned within two business days.


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Weissent, Tricia Administrative Assistant (7:30-3pm)
Toner, Brian Principal
Martel, Nathalie Vice Principal

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Connors, Makayla Core French 10% Website
Allen-Boulet, Amber Core French 10% Website
Dunstan, Rebecca Core French 20% Website
Megann, Adele English Resource Website
Hubbard, Sandy French Language Assistant
Kerans, Lyn French Literacy Support ALP and Coaching
Ferguson, Jillian French Resource 50% Core French 10% Physical Education 10% Website
Barnes, Naomi Grade 5/6 English Program
Lutwick, Kerry Grade 6 English
Prole, Gillian Grade five english
Urich, Jill Grade Five French Immersion
Carver, Stephanie Grade Five/Six French Immersion
Lefort, Denise (Margaret) Grade Four French Immersion
Apa, Jamie Grade Four/Five English
Mombourquette, Amanda Grade Four/Five French Immersion
Kidanu, Tiblet Grade One French Immersion Website
Samson, Jeanine Grade One/Two English
Power, Carolyn Grade One/Two French Immersion
Zaghikian, Mireille Grade Primary French Immersion
Hill, Mark Grade Primary/1 Combined (50%) (Monday to Friday 8:35am-11:10am) Website
Samson, Delta Grade Six French Immersion
Wholey, Sheileagh Grade Three English
Kennedy, Marlo Grade Three French Immersion Website
Spearns, Morgan Grade Three French Immersion (March - June 2020)
d'Entremont, Helene Grade Three French Immersion (until Feb 2020)
Zed, Janice Grade Three/Four English Website
Dawson, Kelly Grade Two English
Cruickshanks, Nicole Grade Two French Immersion
Zelios, Jim Guidance (100%) Website
Sims, Lisa Learning Centre
Stark, Meghan Learning Centre 50%
Cochrane, Derek Music Website
Jeffrey, Andrea Music 20% Website
MacDougal, John Physcial Education (40%) Website
Boudreau, Jacques Physical Education 100% Website
Flynn, Kemble Primary English Website
Samson, Amy Primary French Immersion Website
MacDonald, Jennifer Primary/One French Immersion Website
Buck, Suzanne Reading Recover (50% am) & Grade Primary/One English (50% pm) Website
Mason, Pam Strings Teacher Website

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Noble, Angela Early Childhood Educator - Lead
Jabarova, Aliya Early Childhood Educator - Lead
Julakevich, Olga Early Childhood Educator - Support
Ko, Hyonsuk Early Childhood Educator - Support
Smyth, Nancy Education Program Assistant 80%
Driscoll, Gail Education Program Assistant 80%
Allen, Dannielle Educational Program Assistant 80%
Robertson, Annette Educational Program Assistant 80%
Caceres, Laura Educational Program Assistant (50%)
Thorpe, Cathy Educational Program Assistant 100%
LaRoche, Tania Educational Program Assistant 80%
Trenahan, Angela Educational Program Assistant 80%
O'Neill, Eileen EXCEL Head Supervisor
Sullivan, Michele Library Technician
Borden, Satie School Social Worker 902-223-7826
Pero, Bonnie Schools Plus Assistant Leader 902-399-8314
Williams, Tracey SchoolsPlus Community Outreach Worker 902-221-0114