Rockingham Elementary

History of Rockingham School

School Background

Ecole Rockingham School is a primary to grade six school offering an elementary education in English or French Immersion.  The school is situated in an established, residential community bordering the shoreline of Bedford Basin, in mainland north, Halifax.  The history of this school dates back to the 1890’s with the latest construction occurring in 1975.  The school has a population of approximately 350 students in 14 classes.   There are 23 full time teachers on the faculty of Ecole Rockingham School.  The school has strong parental support and involvement and prides itself in the positive links it has made with the community through the implementation of its Site Plan.

That was then ...



Rockingham School, c. 1928


The two room school was built in 1922 to accommodate Rockingham children from grades one to eight.  It was on the same street, Tremont Drive, where the present Rockingham School is located.  Tremont Drive was formally called after its most important building: School Road.  The number of children in this photograph suggests that each of the two teachers had approximately 40 children in her class. ( Photo featured in the Rockingham Heritage Society Calendar from the Alison (Smith) Trapnell Collection)